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Optimizing earnings from your Android apps

As opposed to Apple’s AppStore, 65% of the apps on the Android Market are free. So, where’s the trick ? Well, most of them show ads, you (the user) view those ads and when something interesting is shown you even click them. And that’s when the developer makes money. Sometimes $0.01 per click, sometimes $3.5 per click (at least that’s my record). Usually, those ads come from Google’s AdMob, Millennial Media or ZestAdz (there are more, but these are the largest three).

CNET Reviews

CNET Reviews provides a useful and intuitive interface to the best product reviews in the world. Enjoy the simple browsing interface, searching, and shopping guides for your favorite products. From phone reviews to home cinemas, this application will help you choose what’s best for you, with price ranges, ratings and full product reviews. Barcode and [...]

Antivirus Free

Antivirus Free will detect new applications that are installed on your system, and cross-reference them with our database of known malicious apps. It uses less than 0.1% of your battery, and will let you know when such an app is detected. With the hundreds of malicious apps out in the wild, Antivirus Free is a [...]

Explaining supports-screens in Android

With the multitude of screen sizes and densities of Android devices out there, it has become increasingly hard to make Android apps look good on all devices, especially in games. And this is where the manifest <supports-screens/> attribute comes in. This manifest tag supports 4 attributes, each addressing a specific configuration: android:smallScreens, android:normalScreens, android:largeScreens and [...]

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