Praises from the competition

In spite of what I think of my writing skills and my apps’ descriptions, it looks like someone else thinks it’s good enough to copy them to their apps :-)

I’ve recently discovered an application on the Android market, called “Antivirus – Risk Detector” by Easy Filters, which competes with Antivirus Free. It’s nothing like my application, excepting the description. 90% of it is copied from mine (they could say they wrote it themselves, since they have some misspelled words here and there :) ), and you can check it out for yourself here. Honestly, I don’t mind it, and I really feel flattered. It’s a big deal when a company with over 1 million in total app downloads considers I’m good enough :P

So, thank you Easy Filters. I really appreciate it!

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  1. William kondis:

    thank you

  2. facebook:

    i love it

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